precious unicorn forever don’t know what is going on

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The training before shooting overdose. In a flash the activities are over, in a flash the concert is nearly finished, the things that have happened in the middle have also gone in a flash. I just wish that 2014 will be quickly over in a flash. - Tao meipai 140914

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sungmin during #MAMACITA4thWIN

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that one time Woobin was literally me

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heechul helping a happy sungmin clap ^^

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Arsenal stars change the game #RainbowLaces (x)

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Heechul Mamacita photocard

Heechul’s message on back of photocard: Look into the mirror after looking at my photo

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ladies and gentlemen… Super Junior

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tat crotch grab

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HeeAnna dancing Mamacita…

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clumsy leader is backㅋㅋ

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The ELF fandom now